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  1. Will be in the Family Forever!

    “I can’t believe I didn’t run across the Oldsjetfire website before.  Fantastic.  The ’64 to ’72 Cutlass crowd are very lucky to have all the resources they could ever wish for.  I know the ’61 to ’63 folks will probably always be swimming upstream but your website is great news...

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  2. 1963 Jetfire Barn Find

    This is about a 1963 Jetfire which technically belongs to my son Matt.  He originally found it in a pole barn that belonged to his friends dad around 2002 in Southern Indiana.  It had been off the road since 1974 with a bad cam shaft .  There was still a...

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  3. 1962 – Belongs to History

    Where it started for me: Back in 1962 just out of the Navy I bought a brand new Lemans conv and in 2006 with a few extra bucks to spend began looking for another Lemans conv. No luck but this F85 ‘look alike’ showed up on ebay Sep of 07...

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  4. 1962 F85 Cutlass Convertible

    Hello, Olds Folks! My wife and I purchased the “Blue 62” in April of 2008, joined N.A.O.C, the O.C.A. and the Atlanta based Dixie Olds Chapter of O.C.A. In a very short time, we have met many great “Olds Folks”, attend many local car shows, and attended the 2009 O.C.A....

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  5. My First Jetfire – II

    Recently, I talked to the current owner of my original car (see my first article).  You should have seen the smiles throughout our discussion.  He bought the car for his daughters to drive to high school.  But first he replaced the fuel pump and a couple of vacuum hoses.  Then...

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  6. 1962 JETFIRE CONVERTIBLE (conversion….)

    My Jetfire engine is a ’63.  I purchased it in 2001 in Tucson, AZ when I got my 1962 Olds F85 Sports Convertible.  Seems the previous owner had bought the complete engine “as is” from D&D with hopes of installing it someday in the car he sold me.  The car...

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  7. My First Jetfire

    When my wife and I were only 19 years old, we purchased a beautiful  1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire, 4-speed manual, red/white with a black/white interior.  It was the only car I ever bought brand new!  We  had to have my parents co-sign, which was a mistake because I certainly could not...

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