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Made some progress on the interior. I had to spray the faded carpet and they turned out nice enough for me. I can not get the exact color for the carpet but it is close. I taped off the door seal area for a reference to the original color. The color is close but the original had a little more shine to it. It is MUCH better than it was. I have not touched the door panels yet and that is what the carpet looked like. I used SEM 15253 Titanium Metallic.

I included a picture of the difference between the rear panels that I cleaned with Goop hand cleaner and the front door panels I have not touched yet. The pictures show it ok but in person the difference is even bigger. The “Goop” hand cleaner cleans the tobacco tar off of vinyl great! It is messy so the parts need to be removed from the car but it is worth it.

I hope to have the front seats back in tomorrow and maybe pull the door panels and start on them.

I still can’t believe I was going to walk away from this car and not buy it. If it were not for my wife I would have walked away. She has a better eye than I do.

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