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I now know why the car was parked. I pulled the valve covers and distributor to prime the oil pump. Also changed the oil and filter. I first check the valves and none of them were stuck. I then primed the pump and still had a couple rockers loose. I thought I had stuck lifters like I did my other 4 speed car so I pulled the intake. I found that one push rod was bent. With the valve not stuck I feared the worst, Sure enough, the cam went flat. Whoever restores this car is going to rebuild the engine anyway so I did not really want to put a new cam and lifters in it. I still have the original cam and lifters from my wife’s Jetfire and they were still very nice. I am going to install those into this engine to get it on the road again. The next person can replace for new ones when they do the full restoration.

Whoever installed the spark plugs back in the 60’s used anti-seize! I would sure like to find that guy and thank him… They came right out. I will put new plugs in.

The inside of the engine is very nice. I was betting that it was going to be all sludged up.


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