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With the restoration of this car on hold from my body guys shop burring down, I have adjusted some of the plans. I built this turbo setup to use temporarily on this car. I took it for a drive tonight and it works very well! I was also testing some thicker fluid metering diaphragms and as I suspected, those will not work. Just not flexible enough and I will have to swap them out. They were free to test and if I could get them to work they were going to be less than $1 each. I figured it was worth the attempt to see…

Now, for the original turbo setup. I am going to get it apart soon and get all the parts recolored. I want to restore the original system and install it back on the car before I pull the car apart. I want to dial in the original system to run as perfect as possible before blowing the car apart so that I am not leaning over newly refinished fenders and painted parts to get it adjusted perfect. After the car is done I want minimal bugs so testing and retesting every component is very important to me. When I done the 70 W-30 this is how I done it and that car had no bugs at all.

During the restoration, I will likely even start the rebuilt engine with the turbo setup on it before installing it in the car. I do this to check for any leaks and any last minute tuning. When the car is done, I want to fire it up and go for a drive, not work on bugs.

This is an original red turbo and the color if off a little from the painted parts. I should have went with a little darker red. It also looks funny on a used looking car.


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