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That’s the car Jim. I will make it roadworthy and then see what it needs.
The engine compartment is painted Black. I have confirmed there is no body color under the black paint. The car is a 01D BC (January 1963, 4th week, Southgate California) build. Body #791. There is a number hand written in grease pencil near the Turbo fluid tank of “2539” see pic.

My other 1963 Jetfire had a body color engine compartment and was a 11A BC (November 1962, 1st week, Southgate, California) build. Body #388. The number hand written near the fluid tank is “7073”
I do not know what these hand written numbers mean. The earlier car has the higher number.

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I think it is odd that your car is black under the hood but mine is body color (white) yet they were built in the same plant one week apart. I wonder if ‘they’ deemed that the rose color would look ‘nasty’ in the engine bay or if it was more of ‘the call’ of the guy with the paint gun. Wondering ‘when’ the bay was actually painted – was it the same time of the exterior of the car was painted or was it when the door frames etc were painted……

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