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Looking good! If this is your first 215 build it’s critical to prime the Buick style oil pump. I pack the oil pump cavity around and in between the gears with petroleum jelly till its full with no air pockets. Then using a variable speed electric hand drill with an old flat head screwdriver as a bit, and drive the oil pump until through the distributor hole. I’m running an oil pressure gauge so it was easy to see if I was getting pressure and then run the drill for a couple of minutes until the oil passages are filled. That way you know for sure it’s primed before you start it.

Also, the rocker shafts on these engines carry oil through the hollow center and are prone to collecting sludge, particularly in the ends. It’s important to clean them with a rifle brush or something similar and some solvent.

I saw your concern about today’s oils. There are a bunch of zinc rich oils on the market or you could use zinc additive in the conventional oil.

You know you want to fire it up! It’s always rewarding to go from a pile of parts on the floor to a running engine.

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