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A follow up to my original post regarding problems with SMS product.
(to recap) I had ordered two different colors of vinyl for the bucket seats L-1416
(light gold) 6 yards and L-1418 (dark gold/brown) 2 yards.

Got a call from my upholsterer this AM. Needed to see me about the problems.

The L-1416 material turned out to be -junk- (his term), The light colored material
(6yds required) had been sent in THREE 2 yard chunks.2 different thicknesses and 2
slightly different colors, the 3rd chunk totally lacked the proper ‘grain’ on the
surface – did not match either of the other two and all the material was O L D
stuff that tore as soon as they tried to use it.
The covers the upholsterer showed me (they had tried to use the two better pieces of
the L-1416 for the color/surface grains) were torn along the seams. It pulled out
like brittle paper as soon as it was touched!! He called SMS himself and laid out the
difficulties and -his- complaints.

Doug – the honcho who blamed me (???) – wont be back till Friday, Cust Srvc said they
couldnt do anything til then.

So the upholsterer is going to put the drivers seat back in the car (after a fashion)
so I can get it out of their shop. They are going to further converse with big Doug
and have correct replacements sent directly to them. They will look at the quality of
that merchandise and we’ll go from there.

If push comes to shove Im going to insist they refund my money and simply have the
shop get some lighter brown/gold material from a reliable source and the fron seats
just wont match the rear – at least for a long time.

I would definitely advise anyone to BEWARE of SMS!!! Maybe they were good in the past but this has been a very expensive NIGHTMARE!!!!!

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