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    Thanks for the info, by the way the car is for sale in Florida



    Just be careful with dealing with this car. I talked to them on the phone and several emails. They first said they were not in a hurry to sell but wanted it to go to a Jetfire person. Said it was going to be a while till they got it out of the garage it was in. After a while of back and forth I ask a price and all of the sudden they were in a hurry and said a local dealer offered them $30K for it. Almost as if they wanted me to jump on it to prevent it from going to someone else. I replied that if they were offered $30K they had better jump on it but I would still like to see a picture if I could. After that reply I never heard from them again.

    As oaklyss said, That tag would never be put on a convertible by the factory.



    No one really knows just how the Oldsmobile factory would have tagged a “one off” car. The real tell tail to this tag being from some other Jetfire hard top is the paint code V-V. The first V stands for the body color. The second V stands for the top color. A convertible, 3167, did not show the color of the fabric top in the paint code, only has one letter stamped in the cowl tag for paint, body only!
    Just quit trying to sell all of us on a bogus car! It is NOT factory! Neither is mine!



    I don’t think jensenracing77 is talking about the same car.
    She just emailed me and it was no where near 30k, and it’s just her, not ‘they’ trying to sell the car.
    Here is a partial quote from the email

    ” I think the guy that had it before Jack turned it into a convertible… Guess I would take $10k for it; really just want someone to have it that can bring it back to life! :-)”

    thanks for all your imput, just trying to sort out the story on the car and help her sell it.
    Matt Z



    I am sure it is the same car.

    Don’t get me wrong. It is still a VERY cool car and will likely make someone very happy to own it. I (likely we) just don’t want to see someone get cheated by thinking it is something it is not. If they will sell it for $10K I think someone would be happy to own it for that if it is as nice as the pictures. If I did not have two already I would almost consider it for that.

    Please keep us posted on the car. I hope it gets to someone that will enjoy it.



    Jim, don’t like to contradict you here, but my convertible is definitely an original convertible and has a Paint code of V V. Not looking it up right now but I think I saw where the first V was body color code and the second V was wheel color code. It also has V V in factory chalk marking remnant on the inner fender. Picture of my tag is not so clear but you can see Paint V V. and Body Style 3167. California made car.



    I could be wrong on the paint code order. (Sure would not be the first time-ha) However I have 2-1962 convertible cowl tags and they both only have one letter for the paint code? Second code just might be wheel color on a “non black wheel” conv’t.? I have noticed that often the black wheel color is not stamped on the cowl tag.

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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