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    Does anyone know if the exterior doors handles on a 1963 interchange with any other GM car that are available as a new reproduction? Even if they have to be modified?


    I am working on the door windows on my 63 Jetfire. I was looking for door handles for the car. I had a few sets of 1967 Cutlass/442 handles around and they looked the same. Took a set and they are the same handle 1963 thru 1967. Just get a set of reproduced handles and bolt them on.
    Another thing! I was rebuilding the rear brakes on the Jetfire. I got a set of rear wheel cylinders off Ebay. Come to find out they are the same wheel cylinders as the 64 thru 72 Cutlass/442 rears.
    Good luck!


    Thanks Ken. I had a feeling the later model ones would fit but I didn’t want to go out and purchase them in order to find out if they really did. Also, thanks for the tip on the wheel cylinders.



    I do believe Ken (kid442) is right about the interchange, one thing you might look out for is the 1961-1963 Oldsmobile F 85/Jetfire models have a small round circle for the push button. And various other full size Oldsmobile’s from 63 have the same style but a different oval shaped push button. If anybody is in need of any let me know I may have an extra pair or two.


    I bought a set of repro handles for 1964/1965 F-85 Cutlass from Fusick. They are the same as the 1963 but there is a very slight difference in the vertical angle where the handle meets the surface of the door. Other than that I had to grind about 1/16″ from the end of the push-button rod and then filed smooth. They bolted right up and look great. Fusick part number DH645.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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