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    OK! 22 year since I last heard this engine run!! We rebuilt the brakes and now its time to restart the engine. Pulled the spark plugs and oiled the cylinders when we purchased the car. We have had a few projects before this one but we are there! First order of business is to change the oil and pack the pump to prime the engine. We made an oil pump/distributor adapter so we could prime the engine oil. New battery cables! Checked that we had spark. Took the bowl cover off and filled it with gas. We then primed the engine with gas. Four turns of the engine and it started and idled. Wow! Sounded real quite!!! Next project is to hook up the fuel pump and get it to run for an extended length of time. Could be a week or more before we get that done.

    Thanks to everyone who helped with parts!!
    Ken & Kenny Dennison

    After 2009

    After 2009

    Before 1987



    Just a quick update post! Dropped the gas tank for inspection. Looked good but the sending unit needed work. Had a hard time finding a fuel filter sock. Found at Englishtown at a Pontiac dealer. Reinstalled tank, new fuel lines, plugged all the vacuum leaks filled the float bowl and started up and ran good. Moved it in the garage. Just a quick video of it running!! Will keep you posted. Still looking for parts!
    Youtube Video: (



    Just a few photos of the windshield frame repair. We should be able to install the glass in a week or two. Aolso repaired the rust damaged right front inner fender well. Take a look and see what you think.
    I will post more photos as we go along.



    Ken, this play-by-play is great! I’m sure a lot of our readers will benefit from your explanations. How about some additional detail about the winshield frame repair?



    Just a quick update. The turbo and carburetor are rebuilt. Still looking for any 63 trim parts.
    Email is 732-870-6964

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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