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4 speed transmission tunnel differences

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    How did the factory make the 4 speed fit? was it a different floor pan, and can anyone post a photo?



    Hi Greg,
    The 4-speed manual trans cars had a factory modified floor pan to accommodate the trans, like an afterthought! The “hump” to accommodate the 4-speed trans and floor shiftier was spot welded to the floor pan, after the original floor pan “hump”, made to fit a 3-speed or automatic trans, was cut out. A real Rub Goldberg modification! The floor pan in the car you recently bought should show this 4-speed modification.
    Pic of my 4-speed floor pan attached.



    D&D sells a fiberglass hump for the 4 spd if you are in need.



    This car is an original 4 speed. The tunnel is modified like Jim shows. I will take photos when I remove the carpet as I have only seen it from under the car.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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