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    I drove a 62 Cutlass over 200K miles, the “yellow car”. It covered a lot of
    miles with the needle far to the right of center.

    Salvaged a couple Jetfire setups, got one running for a while. With that
    compressor stirring up the single barrel mixture, the idle was so smooth
    people would ask me if it was still running. I could only tell by the gauges.

    The car was scrapped decades ago, but the speedometer is still on
    display here at 219K miles, a picture hangs, and even today my friends
    remember “the yellow car”. Used to have extra engines, 13 transmissions
    (that kept breaking), axles, gobs of small stuff. It had shielded ignition for
    my HAM radio, internal regulator alternator conversion, delayed wiper, put
    in a jetfire radiator with overflow tank, adapted a vacuum trunk release,
    add on air conditioning, my first 304 stainless steel exhaust, rear sway
    bar and a”double” front bar I made, 4 way flashers, digital clock, million
    mileodometer, special headlights, custom relocated washer tank with
    self priming bottom pump, PCV setup, running lights added to the body,
    more that I forget. Plenty of leaks.

    Lots of stories with that car. The yellow car was ahead of its time and
    neat. But it was a high maintenance car for my kind of miles. The brakes
    were unpredictable and quite dangerous when wet, single circuit.

    The auto trans was a lousy match to the engine, and kept breaking. I
    would have been so much happier with a 4 speed stick on the floor.
    Nobody could fix that drive shaft. I thought of using Buick parts to adapt
    a torque converter type transmission to fix that BIG PROBLEM. But the
    final straw was it craved high octane leaded gas I could no longer buy. I
    sold all the engines and turbo stuff to a 215 racer, and all the custom
    stuff to another guy.

    Now I drive a boring ’77 Delta 88. Its 403 will do 15s, the ’67 switch pitch
    400 trans never fails, maintenance is reduced 85%, 12″ front disk dual
    circuit brakes, HEI ignition, and it runs just fine (without any valve jobs or
    blown head gaskets) on crap 87 octane no lead, even gets better mileage.
    My bumper sticker to late models: WHEN YOUR CAR IS RECYCLED,

    Now I have another yellow car, a 79 Eldorado with factory EFI. Its drive
    train is customized too. You can see what I’m up to now on PHOTOBUCKET.


    click on an Album
    click on a picture to enlarge + description

    BRUCE ROE bcroe@juno.com
    STILLMAN VLY, IL 61084-9215. Phone 815 234-8039
    K9MQG since 1958. Solar powered since 2013


    Thanks for your story. I would love to hear more about you adding a vacuum trunk release. Our Riviera has one, it is so handy. What did car did you scavenge the parts from for the job?


    Thanks for your story. I would love to hear more about you adding a vacuum trunk release. Our Riviera has one, it is so handy. What did car did you scavenge the parts from for the job?

    What I remember is the big car and Cutlass had a different lock arrangement
    on the trunk, one had the lock in the body and one in the lid. I grabbed a
    vacuum release cylinder from the big car and managed to fit it to the Cutlass.
    There was a round plastic vacuum storage chamber with built in check valve,
    small enough to fit on the frame brace coming forward. Ran a hose from that
    to a vacuum push-button, very small and fit next to that dashboard secure bolt
    at the bottom on the left, receded and invisible. From there a hose to the trunk.

    Probably a newer electric could be fitted. good luck, Bruce Roe.


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