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62 Cutlass front parking/turn light lens gasket

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    I know-“What are you kidding” but I gotta ask. Anyone know if the gaskets are available for the front parking/turn signal lens?



    Good question. Someone just told me not long ago that they hand made them from a material that was similar to the original material. Not sure where to get that material or what it was. This may be a good one for Jim. He seams to find all kinds of materials.



    I have made a set of gaskets out of light gray RTV Silicone rubber (elastomer). Both the aluminum housing and the plastic lens need to be very clean. Apply a generous amount of the RTV to the bottom surface of the housing (be sure to apply around the two screw holes too) and place the lens in place. Hold the lens in place with the two screws with only a very small amount of pressure. Let cure for a day or so. When cured, the lens can be pulled out and the newly formed gasket can be gently removed from the aluminum housing. This process took me a couple of attempts to get good sealing gaskets but I worked for me. I used a old lens to make the gasket so I would not harm a good lens in the process.



    Sounds good Jim. Did you coat the lens and housing with any oil or anything to aid in the release or did it just peal off once you got it right?




    I honestly do not recall! It was back in 2006 and my memory can’t pull up all the details.If you elect to coat the housing and lens with something to help the release of the new RTV gasket, a light coating of vegetable oil might work best. A silicone oil or grease might just incorporate with the RTV silicone rubber and not give the desired result. Experiment with a small amount of RTV on aluminum housing back side and a dab on the plastic lens on the side first to check it’s ease of removal.



    Good stuff Jim. Thanks. I’ll report back.



    Man, everything sticks to both the alum housing and the lens like crazy. Would never be able to get it apart and I only have one good lens to work with. Tried RTV and regular Permatex Silicon sealant and same result. Tested a small area using veggie oil and while it helped on the release it wasn’t reliable for release and if I have the whole perimeter gooped to form the gasket I would be very concerned about being able to separate them. You’re right on the silicon grease or spay silicon, complete adhesion. Also got a product called Versimold which is a partially cured form of rubber that is form-able to whatever shape you want and then cures with a heat gun or oven bake. Check it out, looks very useful, but had a difficult time with this application, didn’t work out but may give it another try.

    Cutting a crude foam gasket for now but any suggestions appreciated for a better product.



    You might want to cut your own using Neoprene Foam Closed Cell Sponge EPDM sheet. This material is similar to the original gasket material. 1/16″, 3/32″ and 1/8″ thicknesses are available on Ebay in smaller sheet sizes. Use the lens to make an impression on the sheet to make an outline and cut it carefully with an X-acto knife. Should be waterproof especially when compressed.



    After you last post on the trouble you had making a usable gasket from RTV, I thought I had better check the outcome of mine. Pulled one lens to check out the gasket that I made and found that it is what I thought it was, light gray RTV silicone molded to fit. What I also learned is that it is stuck quite well to the plastic lens! I can peal it off if I am very careful, only tried a small area though, I do not want to have to make one again! Here are some pics of the lens and gasket. There is no residue in the aluminum frame, clean as a whistle.



    Looks good Jim. Wish I could get there. Yeah Mac, that’s the stuff I was referring to, I had done a quicky but I need to take some more time. May cut my losses and go with the foam, like the look of that RTV though.

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