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    I am looking for a original equipment style outside rear view mirror. They were only produced in “left hand” configuration and the GM Accessories (OEM) part number is 989396. I am looking for one that doesn’t have any pitting and will not require re-chroming to go on a show car. The mirror glass is replaceable, so the glass condition is not important to me.
    Thanks for any help!



    Jim, I can’t help on the mirror but do have a question about them. I never noticed till yesterday but I do not have one on our 4 speed car. You mention “GM Accessory” does that mean it was an option? I can see no signs where it ever had one on it but thought all cars had a driver side mirror?



    Yes, the 1962 Y body outside rear view mirror was an option. It is listed as option R-1 for $4.51. For the 1963 Y bodies the outside rear view mirror is listed as D-32 for $4.51 or a remote controlled one D-33 for $11.78.
    My original new purchase of a 1962 F-85 came without the rear view mirror and I bought one from the dealership and installed myself. For some strange reason I have kept the instructions, hole drill pattern and box since 1962! I have often found 1962 Y body cars with a different style rear view mirror installed. The owners must have added an aftermarket mirror themselves.



    Hi Jim:

    I think I have two xtra. I am presently going through my storage and when i come across them I will email.

    Also what/where can I find the proper air filter for the turbo.

    Art Jones



    Art, For the air filter you can either make and use the oiled foam like off road uses or have a K&N custom made. I have a K&N new that I can sell you if you have to have it now but I would have to have $128 shipped for it. If you send them the dimensions and have it done yourself it takes about 8 weeks but it is less money. I think it is $95 and shipping now from them direct. If I had the extra money I would order 10 of them because it gives a discount. When I order them I get 3 at a time so there are always a couple available to people without waiting. If you want to go the foam route I think you can find the details under the Nuggets From Noel section of the Articles.



    I have 2 NOS mirrors, but I want to keep one. I’ll send a picture. I need to determine a fair price as NOS, in the original box is pretty rare. Phil Hahn in Valpo.



    Thanks for the note Phil. Send me a pic and the price.



    Hi Phil,
    Arthur Jones does not have the correct mirrors. Your pic is the correct one that I need/want. Have not had a response from you, please get back to me.
    Thanks, Jim



    Theres one on ebay right now that looks pretty good .



    Thanks for the info. I looked on eBay and only found a 63-64 mirror. The listing is not correct, the mirror is not for a 62 F-85 body car. If I have not found the one you are suggesting, please send me the link to the one you found.
    Thanks, Jim

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)

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