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    Does anyone make a correct headliner or at least the correct material for the 62 Jetfire? Can an NOS one in white be found?



    Eric, SMS sent me a sample that is shown in this photo. They can pre-make one or just sell the fabric. What does your headliner look like?



    Mine looks alot like that. The one in our 4 speed car is good but is stained from it being a smokers car. It is not coming clean and before I try getting more aggressive with it I want to be sure I have options if I ruin it. I used Goop hand cleaner on most of the cars interior but don’t want to try it on the headliner. I would have no way of cleaning what soaked through to the top side and fear the long term affects of it on there.



    I re-sprayed one cars headliner with a vinyl dye (comes in a spray can, works like spray paint) that was a very good match and made it look new again.
    The photo I posted is Tan. SMS also has white, I am sure.



    I have used that on carpet sets and console parts before but never tried it on a headliner.



    Hi Eric,
    Here is a link to a offer on eBay but I think they are a re-seller from Acme Auto Headliner. I have bought a white headliner from Acme in the past and had them recover my visors too. All was good.
    I do believe SMS offers the same product and service also.



    I ordered headliner material from SMS for my 62. they had different colors – I’ve seen the light blue and the tan. The material I received from SMS is an excellent match, and has the texture markings and highlights of the original. I think the pre-made headliner was $265.



    I purchased one from SMS 15 years ago. (Still in box) maybe I will get to it this year.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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