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    I have some new information but unfortunately I do not have permission to share the documents. I can tell about what is in them and wanted to add to some posts from the first page of this thread, the below is 62 only at this time, I am unsure if the 63 document can be found without another trip to Detroit. The first part is about the tags found on the right front brake drum if still there. I found that the 104 and yellow paint mark means power steering and no A/C. 103 and blue paint is manual steering and no A/C. 112 and green is manual steering and no A/C. 113 and orange is power steering AND A/C.

    For the radiator, the 149 is manual transmission (3 or 4 speed) and no A/C. 147 will be for all Jetfire WITH factory installed A/C. 148 is for automatic transmission and no A/C.



    I never put 2 and 2 together till now. My 4 speed car had this tag under the back seat. It shows the cowl tag number 1997, interior color, and 4 speed transmission. Not sure what the numbers are at the top. Anyone else find these under the back seat?



    OK, I need to do more research on radiators. On page two of this thread I noted that the 62 and 63 radiators are different. This may not be the case… I now know that there are three different codes for the Jetfire radiator for both years. I don’t think this is a year difference but an option difference. I am likely picking up a 63 Jetfire 4 speed car soon so I will see if that 63 has the same radiator as my 62 4 speed. Both cars have the same options that determine the radiator usage. If they are the same it will confirm that it is an option difference over a year change.



    Some details on the 63 side trim… On the back edge of the front fenders for 63 have a silver painted area that goes from the back edge of the brushed aluminum trim to inside the door jamb area. If you ever repaint a 63 Jetfire, don’t forget to paint this silver area.



    Just found this paint dab on an original 63 steering link. This was a front suspension with the 104 code on yellow tape. I am guessing that this yellow paint has to do with the yellow 104 code tape on the brake drum.

    I need to look more into it but it looks like the rear control arms were specific to the Jetfire. I would suspect that it is a bushing durometer difference and the arms are the same.

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)

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