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62' Olds F85 Cutlass 5 lug conversion and disc break conversion

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    I have a Scarebird kit for sale if you’d like. I’d ship it to you for $100



    Dand, Newbie here , can I get some info on the Scarebird I’m going to do a conversion



    would this fit a F85 cutlass



    Bens Classic Car Parts, BCCP, has a turnkey kit for sale with either 5 lug front hub or 4 lug front hub. He also sells a 5 lug rear axle and I believe 5 lug drums for the rear. It will turn out more expensive than Scarebird but it is turnkey. You can have Moser or someone make a 5 lug rear axle for you from your orig as a sample. No one would drill out my rear axle due to the large access holes in it. I’ve installed a 1980 Fairmont Dual MC Drum/Disk already and it went pretty easy. Just a slight trimming of the frame flange in front of the factory notch with no cutting of the stiffner strut along with some custom lines. Here’s a pic.



    Thank you for the info , I have not made up my mind which way to go , there is so many ideas of what to do , any other info you are offering would be great.



    Will post the results of my front disc install when I get it done. Might be a little while. Right now I am getting ready to pull and replace the springs and check the ball joints. 1″ lowered springs from Detroit Spring are going back in. A little paint on the spindle… and then the disc brakes go on.

    That Fairmont MC is much smaller than the generic GM MC that is sold with most kits and which requires more cutting. I believe another member used a S10 alum MC which fits nice and is smaller but the Fairmont MC fit well and is more period looking and has a deep pocket for the actuator shaft.



    Do you still have the kit?



    Not sure what you mean with your question. Ben’s is still selling the 5 lug disc brake kit for the front and is now selling 5 lug axles for the rear, you can also send an axle off and Moser will make a 5 lug axle for you. 1″ lower Detroit springs work great and the rear sway bar with the bracket mods shown in another post also works well, car handles nice. MC comes on close to the floor but works well once you get there.

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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