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    Jim would be better to answer this. As far as “known” 62’s, I may have the only one. For 63, I believe there would be over 10 easy enough but that is just a guess. I did not keep track of the ones I know were factory 4 speed.

    There is a 62 4 speed Jetfire that had the tags, engine and transmission put in a convertible but that don’t count because the original car is long gone.



    After hitting this car really hard for the first 3 weeks I have taken it easier for this past week. Each night after work I have driven this car 4 to 8 miles for a total of about 35 miles. The more I drive it the better it is running. It does have some blow by coming from the PCV but with 90,000 miles on old oil technology this does not surprise me really. I flushed out the cooling system again Wednesday and is coming out really clean now. I will drain it tomorrow and add antifreeze. I will finish putting the interior back in it also this weekend.

    After all the cleaning and deodorizing I have done on the interior parts and trunk area the smell was so much better. Every now and then I would get a slight smell of mouse still but not very much. I started looking in more areas and believe I found the last mouse nest. It was inside the trunk lid. I used a small hook and a shop vac and now have it completely cleaned out and sprayed more pet deodorizer inside the trunk lid. I want to think that will take car of the last of the smells but we will see.



    I believe I know of at least 2 other factory 4 speed 62 Jetfires. I’ll check into it for sure. I had one at one time which went through a couple more owners and then burned up in a forest fire in Montana. There is a picture of it in the cars without known owners section. It is red with a black vinyl top sitting on a car trailer.



    My records of some 154 Jetfires shows 4-1962’s and 15-1963’s with 4 speed manual transmissions still original or in some state of restoration. My records are far from complete and the cars I have listed with 4 speeds may NOT be all factory production cars.
    The factory built records show that for 1962 Jetfires, 16 were 3 speed manual, 203 were 4 speed manual and 3,546 were automatics. In 1963 the Jetfire production records show 45 were 3 speed manual, 1,391 were 4 speed manual and 4,406 were automatics.
    The most rare survivor is the 3 speed manual of which I only have heard of ONE that still exists! This is a 1963 Jetfire.



    I finished installing the interior back into the car. I have cleaned it the best I can. I do believe with a little more patience I could get the seats even better. The trunk mat is stained far to bad to make look good but at least it is clean now. I am still waiting for my new order of K&N air filters but all I need to do is install the air cleaner, add antifreeze and install the hood and it will be ready for MCACN. I just wish I did not have to clean so much of the dirt off of it. Makes for a better looking barn find display if I could have taken it the way it was when I got it. I am not cleaning any more till after the show.



    Ready for MCACN barn find section. I sure wish I could have taken it as dirty as it was when I got it.

    Just an FYI, this car will be for sale likely before the magazine article comes out about it. If you are interested in a restoration project let me know. Original paint car so no bad body work is hiding. I have a good core back bumper to go with the car. The bumper did not get into the body.



    How much are you going to ask for it?



    Not completely sure yet but with it being solid and a factory 4 speed car it should do well. Whatever I get for it will all go into my 62 4 speed Jetfire. I hope to start restoring that car right after the Homecoming show next year. After the MCACN show in November I will set a price on this car. I will likely be firm on that price till after the Muscle Car Review article comes out about it next Summer.



    Loaded up and ready for MCACN. I will post a couple pictures from there. We set up on Friday.



    Hi Eric,
    Have a good trip! You should have fun again this year with another Jetfire barn find! It all helps bring our little gems further out of the orphanage! Thanks for all the updates…….

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