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    Who has A/C stuff for these cars? In your parts cars or anybody elses. I’d like to install A/C in my son’s car…
    Has anyone used Rover / Brit parts rather than Buick Olds pieces?

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    Since you’re not concerned with orig equip why don’t you go to Oldair Products or Vintage Air or one of those aftermarket air guys. They may have something for you.



    I’d rather have original dash parts.
    I’m not finding brackets at those places so that is why I’m asking here. I may need to fab stuff along the way.. Can do.

    Luck is at the intersection of planning and opportunity.



    I guess Rover may have some stock or similar to stock brackets, don’t know. Highly doubt any of the inside stuff is the same. I don’t think any of the A/C stuff actually goes in the dash in our cars, I think it’s all under dash bolt up, there are those here who know better than I, and I’ll check an original A/C car my friend has.

    Buick Skylark/Special and I guess Pontiac Tempest would likely have parts you could use. Don’t know if interior stuff is the same but probably or very similar. Careful with brackets from the Tempest cause I don’t know if they even came with the V8. Do a posting on the skyLark616263 forum. And post both here and there in the Parts Wanted Classified and keep an eye on Parts for Sale section.

    Also, someone who knows need to answer this but i think there’s more than one type of system?



    You can likely use brackets from an early Buick V6. The 215 is just a Buick V6 with two cylinders cut off. You likely can find Sanden brackets for that configuration.

    Edit: Vintage Air sells Sanden brackets for a Buick 231 that can be adapted. You might need to modify or change the alternator/generator bracket, however.



    See, there’s a guy who knows.



    Good feedback gents…
    Keep it up.

    Luck is at the intersection of planning and opportunity.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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