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Air filter to PCV hose

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    Anyone find a hose for this? A molded heater hose in the right shape can be found, but it would not hold up to the crankcase fumes.
    Any ideas for a hose that is ok for PCV?



    That is going to be a tough one. I took one to a local NAPA to try to match it up with no luck at all. You will likely have to get a couple pre molded heater hoses and cut a couple and make a splice in the middle to get something to fit right. I would like to ask Fusick if they could look into making these but I don’t think there would be enough demand for it like the radiator hoses.



    Thanks Jensen, I have a molded heater hose that would fit, but the rubber used in heater hoses is not resistant to the chemicals in crankcase fumes and would soon rot. I have used silicon hose on supercharger installs so maybe I will look in that direction

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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