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    Any advise to swapping out my generator for an alternator? Id like to go with a 100 amp 3-wire, and gut out the old regulator box and use it as a junction box for the wire connections. Im adding a significant custom sound system and thought a 100 amp would be adequate size. I thought 3-wire because they are more readily available at auto parts stores even though the 1-wire would be a “cleaner” option.
    Not sure how I will address the mounting bracket though.
    The other option is to go with companies that will gut out your original generator casing and then use it to build you an alternator inside….any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.




    See your post on same subject from June 27, 2016 and the subsequent discussion. Pretty much answers your questions above.



    The 1963 215s came with an alternator. The bracket for these cars bolts up and accepts either a 12SI alternator or a CS130 with with the correct mounting ears. I used the 63 bracket and a CS130 from a 1989 Olds Custom Cruiser. I swapped the pulley from the generator onto the CS130 so the width was correct. Installation and wiring is extremely easy. Been working great since 2010.



    I researched and found that Powermaster makes a model that will actually bolt on the existing mounting points off our ’62 engine block; no hunting around for ’63 mounts. It comes with an internal regulator; and only in a 90 amp option. It only comes as a single-wire configuration – not sure if that is a bad option. Jeggs will provide you with all the correct wiring and terminals required along with grounding straps. I hope to install this in May time frame, so hopefully its as easy as they say it is.



    I converted one of my 62’s to an alternator using the stock generator brackets, just needed two spacers and longer bolts and it works great. i used a 12si



    $439 is a bunch of money unless you care about a stock-appearing engine. I think I spent $35 for the bracket and $45 for the alternator. If you adapt the generator brackets as described, it’s even less. Your call on the value of looking like a generator. I avoid one-wire GM alternators like the plague. It should tell you something that GM shaves cost to save every penny when building a new car, yet they always used a three wire setup. Consider that not even GM was willing to cut that corner.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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