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    Are both the negative and positive cables spring rings when these cars were new? I believe our automatic car has the original cables and are both spring ring. Our 4 speed car has the original cables but the end of the negative has been cut off and replaced with an aftermarket end. I located one that is supposed to be NOS but I don’t have a picture yet.

    The reason I ask is because someone was telling me that in 62 some of the big cars had both spring ring and some only had the positive as a spring ring with a negative that was a clamp on. Any information on this?



    He just sent me pictures and it looks just like the one in our automatic car. I assume it to be correct for our 4 speed car also.



    I believe they should be spring ring, that strap looks correct. If you find another, I need one too.



    I will let you know if I come up with another one but not likely going to find one. A guy has passed away that had loads of 70-72 442 parts and when they started digging they found that he has some NOS Jetfire stuff. So far they have only found one of each part they find. They are coming up with some incredible stuff. Not lots of it but the parts he had are gold. I have my hopes up that they find an NOS fluid tank float.



    The one on my 62 looks just like that but it has an original bolt clamp on the end. Same on the 62 jetfire and other cutlass convert we have. The converts were last registered in 1971 and the jetfire in 1984 I think, so I believe them to be orig cables. The clamping end is orig to the cable and not a later addition.



    Are your cars Lansing cars? The guy telling me about the two different style on the big cars is thinking that it may be a difference in build plant suppliers. I got our automatic car down and looked and it has the spring ring style on it and I believe it is original also. I am betting that either style was found on the f-85 line like the big car line.



    The 1963 Oldsmobile Service Manual states the battery cable should be removed with a “suitable tool to spread the spring clamp”
    I never found a spring ring ground cable replacement strap that was the correct length but did find one that is longer for a Chevy Corvair. . .



    The repros I have are both spring clip. They came from, I think, USA Parts Supply in Kearneysville, WV, or come to think of it I might have gotten them from Antique Auto Battery when I got the Delco retro look battery. I’m not a big fan of the negative cable as it’s too long for what’s needed. If you find a better option, let us know. That ground strap, though, looks very much like one I sourced from Antique Auto Battery.



    I believe one of the converts was made in Calif, one in Kansas, and I am not sure where the Jetfire was made.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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