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    Jan 12 2010, 12:12 AM
    car prices

    Due to the small quantity of Jetfires, many owners just dont know what their cars are worth. I’ve been told by one of our experts that the best source for a ball park figure would be from “Old Cars Weekly”. He says the current price for a #1 Condition Jetfire is $18,000. I think it would be fun to ask members to post in this forum the price of any transaction they are aware of occurring along with the condition, type of sale, Auction, Individual, etc. I recently watched a 1963 sell at a decent sized sale in Missouri for $16,000. I’m not a good judge of condition, but it was probably a #2 with new paint, no guarantee, and ran ok when parked. Add to this list! We will all learn something.

    Jan 13 2010, 10:59 PM
    Jim Noel
    Re: car prices

    A very nice 1962 Jetfire sold on eBay in November for $23,100. With the new owner’s calls to me regarding the car, I would put it between a one and two. The recent owner of one of my 1962 Jetfires re-sold the car in 2007 for about $23,000. The car was no longer original, but would score close to a one. My Jetfire station wagon sold at Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, in January of 2002 for $21,600. This was a “non-original” number one car.


    I just read an ad to sell a 1962 F85 conv with 4000 miles on a professional restoration. Wants $11,900.


    I sold a 62 Jetfire with 49k original miles at the Palm Springs auction in Nov 2010. It had a nice non-original repaint with the original factory air conditioner, PS, PB. I changed the auto to a t-10 4-sp from a 63 Jetfire set-up. It was a no 2 car. I had Jim Noel do the turbo, he did an excellent job on the turbo set up and the carb. It made the car run much stronger. It started right up even after setting for 7 or 8 weeks. It idled perfectly hot or cold and quit smoking, and made it an all around outstanding and cool running car. The final price on the car was 27,300, which considering only about half the cars sold, I was very happy about the price, but I was sorry to see it go. There were some really nice cars bought for very good prices. You can see it run at and follow the Jetfire For Sale link.

    Thank you Michael Johnson


    I’ve been interested in this as I’m not sure what to ballpark mine for with my insurance company. Anyone have a rule of thumb for when you are setting the “agreed upon value” for their old car insurance (I use JC Taylor)?


    One of our members just sold his ’62 Jetfire to an overseas buyer for $19K. Car was immaculate but had an overheating problem.


    just picked up a 62 Jetfire. i consider the condition between #3 and #2. $11,600 with extra turbo. AT PB PS. original paint, interior is wonderful. no rust but does have some dents and dings on the body. all but 3 pieces of trim are perfect.

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