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Carburetor tags

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    I have tags from 3 Jetfire model carburetors. 7023150 is from a 63 automatic carburetor, 7023151 is from a 63 4 speed carburetor, 7020951 is from a 62 automatic carburetor. I am wondering what the tag number should be on a 62 4 speed? Our 4 speed car does not have one and wondering what it should be.



    Hi Eric,
    I do not have a 100% positive answer but from the data in my records, and the addition of your tag numbers, a 1962 manual transmission carb should be 7022151.



    Hi Eric,
    I am trying to determine the difference in the 1963 Jetfire carbs that show 4 part numbers where the 1962 carbs only show 2 carb numbers. I have been under the impression that the change in design of the fuel bowl/float cover is the difference. I have seen both styles of float covers on 1963 set-ups. One does not have the “chimney” on the cover and is like all the 1962’s that I have seen and one does.Which if any of your three carbs have the chimney?



    All of my 63 carburetors had the chimney and all my 62’s do not have it. I am only assuming that they have not been changed in the past.

    On another note, I finely check my MPG since I made the jet modifications and puled out the needle. I am at 17 MPG where before, I “think” I was at 19. I am going to make another change on this and see if I can split the difference.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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