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    it always bugs me to see these old clocks not working. i decided to take this one out of the 62 Jetfire and fix it. most of the time i can just oil them up and sand the points but this one had a wire burned off the solenoid. i got the clock working first then soldered the wire on. i was lucky on how it burned. it burned off where the factory solder connection is. i just bent the tab a little and soldered it back on. tested it and it works great! now just to see if it keeps accurate time.

    clock 3





    Not many people realize just how easy it is to get an old clock working.
    Just a little spritz of cleaning and lubing and polish the points a bit
    and 99% of clocks can be back in operation again.


    I never had any luck with mechanical car clocks. In the 70s I installed a blue florescent digital clock, trouble free and far more accurate. It dims when the lights are on; looked more at home in that square window than a round clock. Had a little trouble getting a complimentary picture of that self illuminated display here. Looked better in practice than this picture. An LED clock with bigger digits would fit the space. The clock set shaft was replaced with a button to illuminate it when the ign was off, but now its on my shop wall and lights with the other lights.

    The other thing of note, is 219,699 miles on the odometer, first one I ever modified. Bruce Roe


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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