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Convertible top weatherstrip fit problem

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    I am fitting new weathersrtip to the convertible top frame and am having difficulty with the pieces that are over the doors and wrap the corners of the front bow. The angle and mass of the corner that goes under the front bow seems too big and holds the bow up well off the windshield. The strip that goes side to side on the bow seems too small and barely touches the top of the windshield chrome. I have the original pieces but they are well mashed and hard to tell where the Steel Rubber stuff differs. The side to side piece from Steel Rubber does seem somewhat smaller.

    Anyone have experience with this? I am using Steel Rubbers stuff which seems to be the only one available. The top frame is bare.



    Bueller? Bueller?



    Hello out there. Has no one put new weatherstip on a convertible?



    Wish I could help but never played with a convertible. Have you tried asking on Classic Oldsmobile? May also try Buick V8, I know some of the 61-63 Buick guys hang out there.



    Thanks. Yeah got some commiseration on Classic Olds site and advice to keep fiddling and increasing compression on it gradually but no one with direct experience, and have no feedback from the 6163skylark site. Steele Rubber says they have sold lots of sets so someone out there must have experience with the fit.



    Thought I’d check back in on this. Anyone?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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