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    I have made a chart of cowl tag info that I have collected for Jetfires. I do have all the production data for 62’s but not 63’s. Interesting to see the start of production and number of cars produced per week or time period. Appears like they didn’t start making “cars for sale” until about the first of April, 1962. Announced the new model on April 19 and didn’t have very many made yet! Have yet to see a 1962 Kansas City Jetfire cowl tag?
    I have data on some 35 cowl tags and only see “2M” in ACC. on 7, 1963 cowl tags, none on 1962’s? Looked at the options on these 7 with 2M and can’t see anything in common for an accessory! Sorry Don, still a mystery.



    Is it possible that your ’63 had factory air conditioning but all the components were removed by the previous owner? I thought you said the ’63 had automatic transmission that was converted to 4-speed manual. Could they possibly have made other modifications you aren’t aware of? All of the A/C components were removed from my car several years ago and you can’t tell that it ever had it except for a couple of extra holes for the A/C lines and some screw holes where the refrigerant lines ran on the inner fenders. The interior controls, ductwork and outlets were hung under the dashboard something like the old aftermarket units did.



    That is very possible that someone removed it. From what I understand, the car had more history apart than it did together.



    I missed Jim’s post above. Now I’m really curious what “2M” means and what is common between the cars that have it. All the other codes begin with a letter, not a number.



    That is really cool Jim! I am going to try to get a picture of every cowl tag I possibly can when I am around these cars. I know of some junkers that would be nice to add to the list if I can get the info off of them.



    Here is one to add to the list Jim. It is built the same week as our automatic car. 05E and is number 898. The tag was almost to far got to read. It is 29 cars newer than our car. Ours was shipped to NY and this car was new in PA.

    This car is to far gone to ever restore

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)

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