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    Thanks everyone for your help. The literature Jim sent was particularly useful and has led to me purchasing an Interstate SP-22F which has the proper bottom lugs and fits perfectly in the tray. Note the dimensions shown for the 22F are overall and include the lugs and top protrusions, the footprint is smaller and fits the tray just right. Terminals are on proper sides. Interstate now shows this battery as a “Lawn and Garden” battery rather than it’s old designation as a MT-22f car battery, otherwise it’s the same. And thanks for the hold down Jim.



    I had to use a group 85 to fit, and my battery tray looks like that 62cutlass posted. tried an after market hold down,and didn’t work. I think I am missing a bracket.



    Just to be clear there is no top bracket on my battery tray. See the excerpt from the manual that Jim sent. The top bracket type is Jetfire. My rusty tray is all one piece except for the small bottom side “Z shaped retainer” shown in the drawing.

    Took a quick look on line at a group 85 and the pics showed no bottom lugs. To use the type of tray I have you must have a battery with bottom lugs. As I noted above I ended up with a 22F which is designated as a Lawn and Garden battery vs the spec’d MT-22F which is NLA.. The only difference is a short guarantee on Lawn and Garden batteries. Works good.



    OOPS, hit submit too soon. Here’s a couple of pics of the mounted battery. See the bottom “Z retainer” sitting on top of the bottom battery lug. The other side of the battery has a lug that goes under the “hook” on the other end of the batter tray. That white sticker on the side of the battery says SP 22F D6. And the terminals are on the correct side.



    Damn, here’s the other pic.

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)

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