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Door glass is Buick the same

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    Is the door glass in a 61-62 Buick Skylark the same as the Jetfire? How about the vent window and frame? I plan to pick up a 61 Skylark parts car if it don’t sell before I can get there next week.



    If it’s a post coupe no. Jetfire’s are coupes no post.



    One more thought. Olds Jetfire doors are the same as convertible doors. So there are 3 sets of glass. Post coupe, coupe and converible. Both the glass and vent windows are different. I hope that helps.
    Good luck



    I thought all Skylark were hardtop? The one I am looking at is hard top like the Jetfire. I believe the top is the same but did not know if there was enough difference in the door that it required Buick to have a different glass.




    Yes, the Skylarks are hardtops and yes the glass is the same. Olds restricted the hardtop to the Jetfires, but Buick used it on all Skylark coupes. Of course, it’s just flat glass so any auto glass shop can cut new glass to fit. I got brand new vent window glass for my 62 wagon.



    The part I have problem with is the lower metal strip is bad on our 4 speed Jetfire. I am willing to bet the passenger side is bad also. I thought if the entire thing is the same I would would just replace and not repair.



    I might be able to help you out there. The 62 Jetfire parts car has both windows. I’ve also got the complete power window setup for that car. I’ll check the condition of the metal parts over the weekend.



    Steele Rubber Products used to sell the steel door window channel for the Jetfire. Check them out. I bet they still do. You have to cut off the brackets for the rollers on your old channel and weld them onto the ones you buy. But, they will be new and not rusted out. Mine were rusted out and I had to do this. I then had them chrome plated to protect them and look original.



    I did the same thing Bruce did. Bought new lower channels from Steele, swapped the brackets, chrome plated the new channels and they work great. A lot of stuff to do and some expense, but it was the best choice for the long run.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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