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Fuel tank for a 1963 Jetfire

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    Looking for sources for a replacement fuel tank for my 1963 resto project. New, good used, or custom. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
    Bob Keller



    You won’t find a reproduction tank for the 61-63 cars. If you do, let us all know. Other than a custom tank (surely expensive) or trying to find a good used one (you never know what you’re going to get, especially if you buy it long distance) you can try to work with your existing tank. There was a topic on this started a while back. Click on the index tab above and then click “discussion topics”… the bottom of the first page there is a topic called “In need of new gas tank on 63 olds”. Personally, I’ve tried the do-it-yourself method of coating the tank with with sealer kits like Eastwood’s. I spent quite a bit of time “cleaning” the inside of the tank with the chemicals in the kit along with a length of chain and some buckshot……shook the hell out of it for about an hour, rinsed it and shook for another hour and finally convinced myself that it was as clean as its going to get using this blind method. Well, it worked good for about 4 years then failed at the pinhole that started the whole problem. I know quite a few people who’ve tried this coating method and the coating ultimately peels away from some parts of the tank.

    Right now I have a new reproduction tank intended for a 1938-1939 Chevy. It’s a little taller than the original tank but much shorter from front to back, the width is the same and I have no ground clearance issues. It’s secured with new straps, etc. and a fuel resistant rubber hose from the tank to the original filler down-tube. I don’t recommend that anybody else try this due to the potential safety issues. It’s going to work for me until I find a suitable replacement.



    Yeah, I’m familiar with the coating route. There are a couple of sources listed in Hemmings which claim to “guarantee” the success of their particular process. I tried one, and to their credit after starting their internal cleaning process prior to coating, called and said “no way, this tank is too “holey” to save”. That’s when I posted my plea. I’ve had a couple of responses from forum people that have put me in touch with a couple of owners who are parting out their “63 – currently waiting for pics and/or more info. Also got a response from Rock Valley ( they said if I send them the old tank they would fab one to fit. Haven’t called them to check cost but will soon.



    Good luck to you! I’m interested in the cost of the custom fab tank. If you get a price on it would post it?



    Still on the hunt for a good used unit but I did talk to Rock Valley and they quoted me approx. $1100 for a custom built stainless tank with a suitable fuel pump in the tank for my custom EFI system. Their phone is: 800-344-1934. Lead time: about 4 weeks.



    i was told at one time but i can’t remember, is the 63 Buick special the same tank? there is a 63 Special 4 door here in Brazil Indiana that i am trying to talk the guy into parting out. i would bet it has a great tank in it.



    The Buick Special tank should be exactly the same.



    he wants $1200 for the entire car but it is missing the engine. it is around 37,000 original miles. with it being a 4 door i didn’t want to buy it but i can’t get him to part it out. i will talk to him again about it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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