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    Every year the Homecoming show will host a certain model. I am going to talk to them about the Jetfire model in May and wanted to see how many would be willing to take a car if they host the Jetfire for a future show. I know this year is the 68 H/O and next year will be the 69 H/O but not sure if they have anything setup for the 2020 show. For them to host a model I am sure they would like to have at least 4 or more of that model show up. If they agree to it I would take two cars and I know of one other that would go for sure. Just wondering if others would be interested in this. Maybe get a head count of potential number of cars. If I could tell them that we have 6 or so cars maybe that would help.

    Let me know your thoughts.




    Hi Eric,
    Not sure that all know that the Oldsmobile Homecoming show is in Lansing, MI each year, usually in mid June. That would sure be great if there would be a dozen or more Jetfire owners who would participate! I could/would bring one or two, if I can find another driver for one of my cars, if there is interest. Should maybe include all the 61 to 63 F-85’s too! Keep the ball rolling…..
    Jim .



    I am going to be at an event in May that will also have some of the Homecoming planning people there. I am going to talk to them about it but I would bet with as unique as the Jetfire model is they would want to do this. Just hope they don’t have something already for the 2020 show.

    I am told that the JWO this month has a good article about the Jetfire. I don’t have my copy yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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