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Gas Tank Leak

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    Any rec on restoring my gas tank? Since I don’t have a chance of finding a new tank, there’s a guy from Greensburg PA who blasts, cleans, preps and applies a rubber base appliqué to the interior and exterior. He provides a life time warranty as well……….has anyone tried a similar process or have any other recommendations.



    I would not be scared of it. I have used “Red Kote” in several vintage Honda 3 wheeler tanks and works great. I hear that POR makes a great tank restore kit and plan to use it on my next tank that needs it.

    On another note, How much different are the tanks from a Buick? I know the filler neck will be different but if the rest of the tank is the same maybe you could find a good used Buick tank and swap necks?



    I have used tank coatings before with great success and great failure. IMO the key to success is a VERY clean tank with ALL the rust removed and a good environment, warm and dry, to do the work. You do not want to end up with flash rust under the coating, which has happened to me, and then stripping the coating is very difficult if not impossible. I had to fill one 16gal tank with MEK to get it stripped and redone.
    The best jobs were ones I had done. We use a local radiator shop that has done the job a bunch of times with no problems. Have a tank in a Jag that was coated professionally inside and out about 20 years ago and it is still good. Don’t recall the coating,



    I have a tank i pulled out of a 62 to keep as a spare but i dont need it anymore. didnt drive the car too much before i stripped it but never had any issues with it. if your interested let me know.



    I looked into that option too, but no such luck. Even if I did, as you say the filler neck may need relocation; I’d rather stick with my original tank.



    Thanks… I feel pretty good about having it restored professionally. They mentioned the very same concerns about flash rust, so I’d rather have them do it having over 30 years of experience. I’d hate to spend the time, money and effort to do it myself only to have missed a spot and have to redo it. They also send out the sending unit, if needed, and completely restore – like new condition. They won’t be able to estimate the cost until they receive the tank….but I think it will definitely be happy with the results.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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