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Hood Hinge Springs

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    Does anywhere offer replacement hood springs for these cars. The ones on my 63 will not hold the hood up. Anyone have good used ones? I see an NOS set on eBay but they are listed for many cars and he does not have a part number for them.



    You will not find hood springs, but you can find a set of used hinges with springs that may be better. If the back of the hood stays up when closed, that indicates worn hinge rivets and there are places that do a great job of rebuilding them. If the hood won’t stay up, maybe new rivets will help, and they will check your springs.



    It is at my body guys house now and I just talked to him. He has the hood off and thinks it is just worn out springs. He said he has a set that he believes are the same from an early Chevelle that he is going to try. He also said the hood brace is installed wrong and is affecting the adjustment. He thinks he can get it lined out for me. I will just wait till he is done with it and go from there. Thanks



    I sent you a PM on another subject oaklyss



    I found a set of hood springs in my extra parts stash and could not figure out how to get them off and on the hinges. It is easy on many other cars I have done but this one was giving me fits. I ended up making this out of stuff I had laying around and it worked perfect. I cut a piece of schedule 40 pipe 6 inches long. The ran a long 1/2 inch bolt through it with large washers and offset them to the side. I did have to grind the washers down to be thinner to fit between the coils. I lowered the hood down and blocked it so that I just just barely get my hand in there to insert this into the coils. I held it on with a large zip tie. Then I opened the hood all the way and the spring comes right off.



    Great innovation Eric!! They picture the dealership tool in the 1963 Service Manual in section 12-102 but where would a person ever find one? Looks like yours worked great.



    I really need to pick up a 63 Manual. You would think I would have one by now but I only have the fuel and intake section that was copied. I did just download the 63 assembly manual from The Automotive History Preservation Society. I need to download the 63 Manual till I pick up a hard copy.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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