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    Has anyone experienced hydrostatic lock when the turbo rocket fluid leaks down into the combustion chamber after shut off? I am asking because I have been chasing an engine noise in my right head since I installed my rebuilt engine over a year ago. I have thought all along that it was a pushrod alignment issue as my rocker arm is slightly out of alignment and I am using larger than OEM pushrods to work with the heavy duty valve springs I have. With many adjustments, I’ve gotten the pushrods pretty much lined up so they don’t rub the head.

    While I have virtually eliminated the noise on cold start up (and checked the lifters as well), after I run the car significantly (usually a half hour drive or more), shut it down, and then restart it, I get a clicking noise that lasts a good few minutes or so. It does go away. I cannot see or sense any damage going on, and the thing runs great otherwise, so I am wondering whether I might have some leakdown or something else I’m not thinking of?Any thoughts I would be glad to consider.



    See Depressure Valve Modification under “Articles”,”Nuggets from Noel”, “Tech Articles from Noel”, and click on “Dep. Valve Mod.” You can email Jim by going to “Membership” (after logging in), and following instructions. Jim’s Username is “Jim Noel”. Another source of info might be Bruce Sweeter, whose Username is “Jetfireman”. Good Luck!


    I experienced hydrostatic lock when the turbo rocket fluid leaks down into the combustion chamber after shut off. Still have a bent rod from those days. Good to upgrade the fluid control valve. Bruce Roe

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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