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I need an original upper radiator hose

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    Hi Eric,
    Now that I see you holding up the hose it does look correct. Your first pic of the hose laying flat made the two bends hard to see.
    Thanks, Jim



    I tried to order a set, but they told me they are 60-90 days before being done.



    I called also. They told me that the ones I have were the pre production parts or something like that.



    OK guys. They are now available. I just ordered a set. They are $42.50 and $46.50. Please show your support to them for supporting us.

    I just noticed my first post was January 3 2013. Took one year total but at least it is done. I have no idea how many they had made but it is not likely they will ever order another run of them.

    John, I still need your address to send you the NOS one back.



    Thanks for the post. Mike Fusick sent me a sample and it looks great. I will pickup a few sets at Spring Carlisle.



    I checked with them. They want $54.50 each! thats almost twice the price of repro hoses for other Oldsmobiles. They look good though, just real pricey.



    I went ahead and ordered one. What am I complaining about? I’m just glad to be able to get one. I have a 30+ year old hose on the car now. Eric is a hero to all Jetfire owners. Thanks so much for taking on this project and getting these hoses made!



    They called me today and updated me. The upper hose is $54.50 and the lower hose is $31.

    I think I paid $35 for the Ford hose I modified and used before. It is $20 more but at least it fits nice and correct. I would bet they are considering the demand for them and not wanting to be stuck with a bunch and never recoup the cost.

    I have to many irons in the fire right now but if someone else don’t do it first, I want to try to get the foot flange gasket made. I have another source that may be able to help with them.



    Here she is. Good fit, looks great!

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 47 total)

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