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I'm looking for the owner of this car. It may be my first car as a teen in 1967

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    This car may be my first car as a teen in 1967. It was originally red and I sprayed an imitation black vinyl top on it that had the fake overlap seams on the top as you see in the photo. If you are the owner of this car please contact me. I even have a copy of the original title for it.

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    I owned this car for a few years. A friend of mine in Junction City, Kansas bought the car at an estate auction in the late 80’s and a year or so later offered to sell it to me. It was a 4 speed car and at the time it had a 4 barrel carb on it. When we picked it up we drove on to the Omaha Nationals and I had it parked in the parking lot at the hotel. and there was a lot of interest in it. I kept it for a few years, drove it a little and then needed money and sold it to a guy in Arkansas. Years later I’m sure I saw it sold on ebay. Lost track of it until I saw the picture of the car in the cars without owners section on this website. Appeared to be located in Montana. It took 2 or 3 years but I finally found the owners name and phone number, thanks to a friend on this website. It turns out that the car was destroyed in a forest fire that swept through their area, I believe in 2012. I had hoped to buy it back but it wasn’t to be.



    I’m sorry to here this. If this was my car your description was similar to the car I owned. in 1968 it had a turbo fire and I had the turbo removed and a 4 barrel carb installed. The only questions I have about this car to put my search to rest are was the interior a silver grey color and was the black roof top the sprayed on vinyl textured top that I referred to in my original post? Thanks for taking the time to tell me what you have so far. by the way I did find and have another 62 Jetfire that I plan to restore…as well as my memories of my teenage years!



    The car had the original red,or what I would call maroon, interior. I prefer the silver interior and if it had it I would found a way to keep the car. So it looks like it wasn’t your car. On the other hand, it did have what looked like a sprayed on vinyl looking black roof covering. As a matter of fact, one of the fake seams was loose on the left front . I haven’t happened to see another one with the sprayed on roof. Was it something that was commonly done? There weren’t many 4 speed 62 jetfires and I’m surprised that there might have been two red ones with that roof treatment.

    I have a couple of red 62 jetfires, one with a white vinyl roof, that I am working on when time and money permits. Hopefully the time and money lasts until at least one of them is done. You said you have another jetfire. Would you tell us about that?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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