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    I finely installed the red turbo. Jim rebuilt the red turbo over a year ago but I just now installed it. I also installed the new radiator hoses and rebuilt all the wheel cylinders. The front rubber brake lines were not safe so I also replaced them. I pulled the rear end case out and had to shim the spider gears .090 because they has eat into the case. I put 140 gear oil in it also to help cushion all the shims I had to install.
    I spent time tuning on it and it is pretty good but I still have a miss at casual cruising speed. Not sure what that is yet. My first thought is the points have worn a little? I will have to spent more time on it. I also have the transmission adjusted so that it shifts very good but is shifting at a little to high of an RPM. I will have to back off the TV just a little. I need to add a tachometer to be sure what it is doing before I get to involved with the TV adjustment.
    I want to get this car running as perfect as I can and then I will go back to the 4 speed car.



    Looks really nice. Thanks for the good photos, we’ll use them when we start reassembly in a month or so, might even ask for some more!



    That looks great!



    This car is running the best it ever has since I owned it. I even have the Hydromatic transmission working great. I did not know these would shift hard enough to bark the tire in second gear. I don’t like staying on it that hard during a shift because of the reputation of these transmissions but I have a couple times. Now I want to drive it every chance I get. I think we are going to take it to Indianapolis for a cruise in soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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