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    Just got home from picking this car up in Chattanooga Tn. I am going to use this car as parts. We will start restoring the 62 4 speed car this year and it don’t really need much of anything from this car but I just hate restoring a car without having a parts car handy if something comes up or if I need a reference on how something was together. I will sell off some of the parts I know for sure I will not need but for the most part I will be keeping most of it till the other car is complete. This car was converted to a 4 bbl by the previous owner but it came with nearly all the turbo stuff. The only thing I see missing is the passenger side exhaust manifold. Luckily he had the other hood spear.

    They told me the trunk had not been opened in 20 years so I hope to find the other exhaust manifold in there.



    I got the trunk open and found more parts. The two parts that stick out most are that I found two of the 63 Jetfire emblems in there. Other than that it is mostly just used trim parts. I also found that the engine is not locked up and it is still the 62 turbo engine. If I get time later today I will see if it will start. The turbo setup that came with the car is not frozen up either. Will not know how good it is till it is apart but from what I can see, the impellers are very nice. They almost look bran new and clean. Not sure what the story is with that. The turbo was painted black.

    I will get pictures of all the numbers so if anyone wants to add it to there list of documents. I need to start my own list of documents for number and date comparisons.



    VIN 621M31845
    Engine Head S161183T
    Block HHI290686
    Build date on cowl tag 04B. When did they start building these cars? I know they were sold as a late 62 car but when did production start?



    The boost gauge is a little crusty. I would bet it don’t work. I have not tested it yet. After getting better light in the exhaust side of the turbo I can see that it is not as new looking inside there as I thought. Just an average used turbo. It does spin and looks like it may have a good foot flange gasket. It feels soft when I poke it with my fingernail.

    The hood spears have some pitting but are good enough to be rechromed. One mounting stud is broken but the others all look nice and solid



    How much do you want for the turbo? Get at me



    Eric, that’s a very early Jetfire. I believe April was the first month of production. Whats the body number on the tag, your photo doesn’t show it all?
    Red Jetfire, white roof, what are the odds



    I just checked the home page that says April 20 was when they were introduced, So if your car is 04B, that’s April, 2nd week for production. Looks like you have one of the first ones so you will have to restore it and not use it for parts! Curious to see how low the body number is.



    The body is to far gone to restore on this one. I will get a better picture of the cowl tag. I think the transmission has been changed out. I looked and did not see the OX stamped in the tag. Not sure if the engine is original but I would bet it is. The turbo was changed because it is a 63. Has a 2bbl on the engine now.

    I did hook up a battery and the engine turns over but no spark. I will clean the points and do a little testing this weekend. Should not take much at all to get this thing fired up.




    Sent you a PM on parts along with my email.

    Thanks Layne

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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