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    My parts book and experience does not substantiate that Jetfire block/engines used different connecting rods or head bolts. One Jetfire head bolt was/is different and has a screw hole on the top to accommodate the bracket to hold the oil dipstick tube to the block. It would be interesting if someone can show data to be otherwise?


    “Just looking for a stronger block without going rover block”

    The later Rover blocks with cross bolted mains and improved casting technology are stronger.



    We have a couple of blocks apart right now, one each. I’ll be at the shop either this weekend or early next week and check it out. I’ll let you know.



    I know they are stronger, that’s why I said Without going with rover block. I’m just weird, it has to be an olds block


    “I know they are stronger, that’s why I said Without going with rover block. I’m just weird, it has to be an olds block”

    Understand, but I got over that. I’m building a 4.6 Rover block with 300 Buick crank (gets me about 298 cu in) and adapting the Olds heads so it looks “correct”. Hollow pushrods fix the oiling differences to the valvetrain. Looking at using Harlan Sharp Buick V6 roller rockers. Also trying to score a set of the Merlin F-85 heads from England. Big bucks but improved flow and they have the right valve cover rail shape to look like an Olds 215 instead of a Buick or Rover.



    I’m not agains the rover block, other then my one particular car, actually planing on getting a cross bolted main rover block from the junkyard to use my crower stroker crank in for a future build, should be just over 300 cubes.



    Also the Olds block is different than the Buick 215. Olds has larger wedge and 6 bolt heads were as the Buick only has 5.

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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