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    What is the routing of the “J” shaped hose that is specific to the Jetfire? I think I will need to pick one up for my current project. Thanks.




    It goes from the heater control valve to the intake manifold. Space was too tight for me to put the two hoses in place with the turbo system mounted to the intake manifold. I originally installed the intake with the turbo system in place but had to take the turbo back off to get the hoses installed! Just a “heads-up” for all!



    Thanks Jim, picked up both hoses for my Cutlass and they look good! I’m going to run a transfer pipe like the Jetfire.

    I think descriptions got a little mixed up along the thread here, and I may be wrong but for clarity I believe the #21860 “J” hose from heater to manifold is the hose common to the Cutlass as well as Jetfire, both the Cutlass’ we have are set up with the rear manifold fitting for it. While the #19604 “S” hose is unique to the Jetfire with the transfer pipe.

    Jim, is that a restored transfer pipe or did you fab it up? Very nice engine compartment



    Thanks, Jim. That is very helpful. My transfer pipe has a slight bend in it after the nipple bending toward the heater core area. Does that seem normal? I don’t know why it wouldn’t be the original piece.



    Hi All,
    Yes, the “S” shaped hose is unique to the Jetfire and the “J” hose is common to all 215’s. The 2 & 4 bbl cars “S” hose looks similar but has one leg long enough to reach all the way to the water pump, all as one piece.
    All the Jetfire coolant transfer tubes that I have seen/used are straight with “bumps” on both ends to help seal the hose on the pipe. Pic’s attached. Coolant transfer pipe along side of valve cover.



    Yup. I took a look at my books and it looks like my transfer pipe is not original and has been fabricated. Any idea where I can get an original transfer pipe? I could even just borrow one as a model to copy and fabricate a new one and then return it. Any help on this is appreciated.



    Or, if someone just gave me the dimensions of the pipe, I should be able to use that to have one fabricated. Thanks.



    Bruce, If you still need a transfer tube I’m pretty sure I have one on my parts car. I’ll check as soon as the snowstorm we have at this moment finally ends.



    Thanks, John. I appreciate it. Or, if you just want to measure it and let me know the dimensions that would work too. I could then have one made. I think I would only need to know the length of the pipe, the diameter hose it fits, the distance from the end of the pipe to the nipple. Pretty sure the nipple is 1/4 inch and about an inch long. Thanks for your help.



    Here are some pictures

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