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    Is there a diagram, Illustrated parts breakdown, parts listing, book or manual available to see how the Jetfire turbo system was plumbed?

    I’m just curious and would like to see something other than the normal google search pictures.

    Thanks ya’ll.




    It is best to get the 63 Oldsmobile service manual. It don’t have the best pictures but is better than you will find on the net. You can also join Wild about Cars. I believe it has a fee but it has the 63 assembly manual that you can download to your computer. it is not that user friendly but Wildaboutcars may be the best way to go because they also have the 62 Jetfire manual and 63 service manual that you can also download. It is best to use the 63 manual for the coolant lines because it is a much better setup than the 62 style.



    I found a 63 assembly manual and a jetfire service addendum to the service manual. I’ll check out Wildaboutcars as well. Thanks.



    Is there a replacement for the Garrett turbo?
    I imagine that the carburetor is pretty specific to the Jetfire, but is there a replacement for that as well?



    For the most part you have to rebuild what is there. You are not going to find anything that is a bolt on replacement of the original parts. Jim Noel can rebuild the entire system for you. You can find his ad in the classifieds section.



    I can rebuild your Jetfire turbo system, if you have one. If not, I can supply the complete turbo intake system and intake manifold for a 62 or 63 Jetfire. Just let me know what your needs are.
    Jim Noel



    Jim, thank you. Unfortunately, I do not have a Jetfire system. Would love to find one, though. I keep my ear to the ground for that perfect deal.

    I’ve thought about piecing one together, every now and again perts pop up on craigslist or on ebay.

    If you don’t mind, what would you charge for a complete system?




    Hi Ken,
    Send me an email or call me. I need to know just what you have to quote on what you need.



    It was good talking to you Jim. And thanks for the advice.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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