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Jetfire rebuild

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    Progressing on the rebuild project. Jim is restoring the turbo. Came out easy from under the car! Still need a Rocket Fluid tank. Car still has bias-ply white walls.
    Jetfire Rebuild 1_opt
    Jetfire Rebuild 2_opt
    Jetfire Rebuild 3_opt


    Subframe is done. trying to choose which cam to use-stock or D&D street strip
    Jetfire Rebuild 4_opt



    Looking good! Keep the photos coming.



    Wow this is great! I remember seeing this car for sale on craigslist. I would have bought it if I didnt already have one Keep the pics coming



    While cleaning off the Generator brackets, I found that they are chrome or nickle plated! is this the way they come from the factory?

    Jetfire Rebuild 5_opt

    Jetfire Rebuild 6_opt



    If you keep the automatic I would go with the stock cam. These engines in stock form are more than these transmissions want. I went with a stock cam and it still pulls nice when you step on it.

    Looks like a great start.



    I will go with the stock cam, probably better for the Turbo also. Here is the original fan and fan clutch. Clutch has 2200 stamped an it and a date code in ink (can’t make it out). Still waiting for the machine shop for the motor. Had to bore .030″ over. Trans is cleaned up, it was painted blue, so I think it had been rebuilt at some time. Car has 63,000 miles on it.

    Jetfire Rebuild 7_opt

    Jetfire Rebuild 8_opt



    Motor is almost out of the machine shop and will be ready for me to assemble this weekend. In the meantime, I went ahead and detailed under the hood. I ordered a couple spray cans from TCP made to the factory color Cirrus Blue. I left all the yellow inspection stamps intact. The undercoating in the trans tunnel has more on the left side. Maybe for the turbo pipe heat.
    I can not figure out the battery hold down system. It only has lugs on one side of the tray. Anybody?

    Jetfire Rebuild 9_opt

    Jetfire Rebuild 10_opt

    Jetfire Rebuild 11_opt

    Jetfire Rebuild 12_opt

    Jetfire Rebuild 13_opt



    Got the block back, but still waiting for parts. Bored .030″ over due to scratches, had to deck due to some minor corrosion, but the block numbers were deep enough to stay.

    Jetfire Rebuild 14_opt

    Jetfire Rebuild 15_opt



    Since I was missing the spare Turbo Rocket Fluid bottle, I made one. I just need a label now:
    Jetfire Rebuild 16_opt

    the lid is from a large size model paint jar, the bottle is pretty close and came from here:
    Jetfire Rebuild 17_opt

    Jetfire Rebuild 18_opt

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 46 total)

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