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Jetfire rebuild

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    Great job. I missed several posts. Looks great!



    I have been driving to break in the motor. I have 100 miles so far and it runs great. Timing is set to 5* Btdc to be safe. I put on new Radials and kept the old Bias ply B78-13’s (they still look new but their age worries me for long distance driving). They were not the correct size and 30 years old. The new Radials are the only ones I can find that are the correct size (185/80-13 equal to 7.00-13) and the correct white wall. They are Maxxis MA-1:



    Trans pan started leaking so I removed it and changed the filter also. While I was in there, I adjusted the band adjustment per the Manual. The screw is under the filter. The filter just pulls off.
    This adjustment should be done every 26,000 miles. Huge difference on how the trans shifts now. Does not hesitate like before. Parts for the Olds F85 Roto 5 Hydramatic 240 series are availible here:



    Do they sell the filter by itself? How much are they? I picked up an NOS one from ebay a year or so back but wouldn’t mind having another one.



    I bought their filter and gasket kit on Ebay for $42.19 here:



    Nicely done! Great work you’ve done on this build. By the way, is the AFE air filter recommended to use for Jetfire? I’ve seen it on eBay and other sites.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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