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    We are replacing windshields on a 62 Jetfire with a glue in windshield and on a 62 Cutlass Convertible with a gasket windshield. I have talked to some suppliers and they are showing the same windshield for both cars.

    I thought the Jetfire was it’s own windshield but they show it crossing to several models.

    Does anyone have experience/knowledge in this area?



    Unfortunately my 72 parts book does not have the 61-63 windshields in it. I thought the windshields were the same in them but I could be wrong. I know the side glass is not the same in the Jetfire. I am sure Jim will know more about the glass.



    Yes, there are two different size windshields for the 1961-1963 F-85’s. As stated, there is a rubber gasket seal mounted version and a glue in version. They are close in size and I do believe some installers have mixed the two styles. To my knowledge, all Jetfire bodies were supplied with glue in styles from the factory and all convertibles are rubber gasket seal styles. However, I have heard from two Jetfire owners that their windshields are now rubber gasket seal installed. I could not say if they were original or replacements. The difference is that the glue in style is 1/2″ to 3/4″ wider. The stainless steel trim for the two different styles is completely different. Being that the trim is not easy to find, I would suggest that a person stays with what is currently installed. Here is the page from the 1963 Parts Book where Jetfire is not spelled out.



    Sorry for the hard to see scan. This one might be better.



    Thanks very much for the info you guys. What a good book to have. Scans are very clear.

    Jim, your comment on windshield center measurement width jells with what we have measured-the two Jetfire glue-ins measures 24.375-24.5 while the gasketed windshield still in the conv is right about 24.
    So I understand that the parts book simply groups all cars with a glue in windshield under the cemented type rather than reference any specific model like Jetfire.

    The supplier says he does show a “mid-year” change windshield in 62 so maybe that’s the glue-in. I’ll have him get a measurement.

    Thanks very much for the help.



    Pilkington Classics (I think they are in Ohio, or maybe Illinois) supplies correct windshields for these cars with the LOF logos and date codes. They know the difference between the glue in and gasket windshields and carry both. Not cheap, but definitely correct.

    I understand that all F-85 (Cutlass, Jetfire, F-85) windshields are the same. In other words, there is not a different windshield for a Jetfire as opposed to a standard F-85 or Cutlass like Jim said.



    Thanks everyone for the info.Seems to be a consensus at this point. No special windshield for the Jetfire, but there are 2 different windshields depending on whether you have a gasketed or a glue in. That looks to be what the factory parts book is saying too.

    Pilkiington sounds interesting, I’ll check them out.



    I have now talked with several windshield suppliers including Pilkington, a wholesaler, and retailers and everyone shows only one windshield for the 1962 F85s whether it is a 4 door sedan, a 2 door, a convertible, or a Jetfire. They do not differentiate between gasketed and glue-in.

    They do show a different windshield for 63. I have a supplier checking center dimensions between the 62 and 63 and he will call back on the two windshields.

    I know the factory parts book clearly does, but perhaps in the interest of fewer part numbers the mfgs have compromised to one part number.

    So has anyone actually replaced a glue in windshield on a 62 Jetfire? If so who is the supplier and do you have a part number. Did you get any dimensions before it went in?

    Thanks for any specific info.



    Anyone with experience any comment on my last post?



    I bought a glue-in windshield for my ’62 Jetfire restoration project from Pilkington and they had a different listing for the glue-in and the gasket. The ’63 is the same windshield as the ’62. I pulled my invoice from Pilkington and they have it listed as a ’63 with part number DW00623 GS3. Their books may not go back to ’62 or they don’t have a correct listing for ’62. ’63 is the same situation as ’62 and the windshields are the same. Hope this helps.

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