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Jetfires being parted out

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    Dec 28 2009, 3:50 PM
    Warren Grimm
    Jetfires being parted out.

    Just came across this ad which was posted in December. If you haven’t seen it, thought it might be of interest. 1962 – 1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass jetfire hardtops: parting 2 turbo hardtops, nice trim, dash, chrome, 215 motor, seats, etc ph 415 2971226 San Francisco CA Warren

    Dec 30 2009, 4:6 AM
    Re: Jetfires being parted out.

    That’s Charley Marshall’s advertisement. I’ve bought some stuff from him and was happy with the transaction. He seems to travel a lot and is not always easy to get a hold of, but I would recommend him if you’re looking for here

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