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Jim's red Jetfire

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    Well, after 3 years of the new paint job on my red Jetfire covering the top and bottom, I decided to add the original white vinyl top to the car. Now the car is “as issued” from the factory and completely restored. It is a great driver with great turbo boost. All working as new. Fun!



    Looks real good, Jim. Making me jealous. Still fighting the EFI system on mine – computer doesn’t want to learn.
    Bob K.



    Very nice!



    Beautiful car Jim! Great job on the restoration. It feels like it’s 1962 all over again.



    It’s a beauty Jim. My Philly car is just like it. Maybe someday it will be half as nice as yours.



    Thanks for the accolades guys!
    Just when I thought this car is “ready to go”, I filled the gas tank for the first time this year (took ~10 gallons) and discovered that the gas tank has developed a leak. Will have to siphon the gas, drop the tank and see where the leak is. Fortunately, I have a Gas Tank Renu dealer close. I have used their service before and the results have been good. Always something to fix on collector cars!



    Sorry to hear about the tank. I have a leak on our 4 speed car tank. I pulled out an extra I have from a 61 Buick Special and to my surprise, the filler neck is the same between them. This one is from a 27,000 mile car and was undercoated very early in its life. It is a pain getting the undecoat off but will use it till I restore the car and original tank.



    Hi Guys,
    Received a call from Renu Gas Tank and was informed that my gas tank “is like new” and has NO leak! They thought that the gasket for the fuel pick-up & return + fuel level sender on the top of the tank has failed or the hose from the top of the tank to the top of the filler neck was leaking. They gave me a new gasket and the total charge for their testing work and gasket was $6.37!! Once again, that is a business I will return to if I have a gas tank problem.
    Installed the tank, filled it up with gas and no more leak!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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