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    For those who are maybe new to that OLD shift quadrent (L and R being together) and do switch back and forth between the new/old when driving your newer car(s). I have had a couple of ‘accidents’ then I found that a dime dropped in the little track for the floor shift lever is just exactly the right size – L is as far as the lever will go. Cant help with the column shift tho 😉

    Also if you find that the leather cup is worn in the carburetor accelerator pump and all you can get in a rebuild is the new urethane type (which wont handle ethanol too well) – spread the leather out and then -carefully- stretch the little spring that is inside of it. That will press the leather cup tighter against the wall and get you a few more miles out of it! Also be careful putting it back in that you dont catch the edge of the leather on the body of the carb and fold a little lip of leather over…

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