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    I’m rebuilding the front end on my 62 wagon in preparation for Power Tour and Homecoming. Bought the complete kit from Kanter. The driver’s side went together with no issues. I went to install the passenger side spindle and couldn’t get the lower ball joint to torque up. I finally realized that the ball joint stud was sticking up too far in the spindle and the nut bottomed on the threads before the taper engaged. Photos show the old stud and the new one in the spindle. You can see how the taper on the new one sticks up too far in the spindle.

    Obviously the new ball joint stud was undersize. I called Kanter and explained the issue. They listened, asked for measurements, and said they would look into it and get back to me. Usually that’s the last I ever hear. To my pleasant surprise, half an hour later they called me back, said they had checked their parts in stock, and all of them had the same larger diameter stud as my original ball joint. They also said that two replacements were on the way to me. Two days later these replacements are installed in the car and fit perfectly. Obviously the one bad one had been machined incorrectly. That’s great customer service.

    It’s also one less excuse I have for not going on Power Tour…

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