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    Hi guys, After talking to Jim Noel a couple of months back, I have what I think is a rare barn find. It is a 1963 Jetfire with a 3spd manual and complete with all its original turbo equipment. I was wondering if there are any other 3spd Jetfires that have survived. Jim mentioned that he had never seen one.
    I’m not very good on the computer but I can text someone some pics if they want to post them.
    Thanks, Brent



    I know Jim said that he met with the Oldsmobile’s historians and archives and found that Olds didn’t keep records of which type transmissions were sold. I bet the 3-speed manual is more rare in the Jetfire than the 4-speed. Most were automatics. Is the shifter on the column or the floor? I’d like to see pics but I have a dumb phone and don’t know how to download pictures from it.



    i can post pictures if you text them to me



    Macf85, the shifter is on the column and the console has an ashtray where the floor shift would be. The boost gauge is in the same location.
    Young_olds, you can text me at 816-716-9206 and I will text you back some pictures. Thanks for offering to post them.



    Is it an automatic console or manual console? Sounds like a real cool car!






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    sorry guys for some reason im having a hard time with posting pictures here, i put them on my photobucket( link /\ /\) let me kniw if it doesnt work and ill try posting pics again



    Great, Thanks for the pic’s. Very unusual Jetfire!I would like to see a pic from the drivers seat that would show the steering column and shift arm as well as the manual choke and pedal set. Possible? Thanks, Jim



    Very cool car. I’ve never seen the ash tray insert for the console. Does it have the ash tray in the dash board too? I guess in the early ’60s the more ash trays the better.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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