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    Hi Guys, I’m trying to find a pair of NOS ’62 inboard taillight housings. These seem a bit difficult to find. The outboard ones (Part No. 5951788) are rather plentiful and I have a few of those NOS. The inboard ones are different in that the hole in the back is smaller (no notch in it either). The part number is either 926110 or 5952938. Looks like there was a part number update, or the 926110 number is for the housing only and the 5952938 number is for the assembly with the housing and lens. Or vice versa. Anyway, if any of you have one or a pair of these you’d like to sell, please let me know. Thanks very much for your help.




    I wish I had a set for you but those are rare as hens teeth. I have 4 of the outboards and plan to take on a project at some point to modify them to an inboard. I want to think that I could make an adapter bushing of some kind. It’s either that or I will have to get all 4 used ones rechromed. I hate to use two NOS and two rechromed because I would have to repaint the painted areas of the NOS ones so they would match the others. I am looking for the 579445 left side tail light bezel. I have two rights and one left. I want to put a set on both cars.



    I may have to get a couple used ones re-plated and then try to match the silver/gray paint. I don’t think the paint should be very hard to match the color.



    If you are able to match it really well let me know. I have not held them next to each other but I wonder if it is the same color as the headlight housings painted area? I had an NOS 70 442 grill for one side and a used for the other and had to paint the NOS grill because I could never get it matched perfect. Sure made me sick painting an NOS grill.



    Do you have a referral for a company that can repair and replate the diecast housings? I know of a company here in Utah, but wow, they are way expensive. Maybe they all are. I don’t mind shipping them somewhere if I can get quality work done for a reasonable price. Let me know if you know of anyone.



    Chrome and reasonable price never go together from my experience. I paid $300 to have one Jetfire emblem restored and I was not happy with it when I got it back. I used a place in Indianapolis for my 70 W-30. They done outstanding work but he is excessively slow and has been known to loose people parts. Took over a year to get my parts back. I don’t really recommend them because of these things but if you want to try I can dig out their contact information.

    If you can find NOS then it is most often cheaper than getting something re-chromed. Just can’t find some stuff NOS.

    Maybe someone else has a good chrome shop they can recommend.



    I had one of my emblems restored by Iverson Automotive and he did a great job fixing the pits and re-chroming it. His shop is in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I did the painted parts of it myself. I shopped around and they were the least expensive, Paul’s Chrome was the most expensive at a little over 3 times the cost of Iverson. I got pricing from 3 others that were in the middle. If you email good photos to these companies they’ll give you a rough estimate but you’ll need to send the part to them for examination to get a true cost. It’s a little nerve racking hoping the part doesn’t get lost or damaged especially for parts that are hard to come by. Here’s a link to Iverson’s website if you’re interested:
    This is from a previous post



    Thanks for the info. I’ll look into Iverson.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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